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I’ve finally updated my painting page! Lots of new stuff!

Also, thank you to all who came to support me at Open Studios. It means a lot. A special thanks to those who bought work! I’m not in it for the money, but it is a special treat when someone wants to buy my art.

Thanks again,




Several of my paintings will be exhibited at Giorgi Gallery in May in a group show of portraits. Check out my “exhibitions” page for more info.

Giorgi Gallery 2911 Claremont Avenue, Berkeley, California 94705



Hey everyone,

You’re welcome to see my work at Giorgi Gallery in the East Bay Open Studios 2010. All work will be for sale. Hope to see you there!


Below the Lights Oil on Canvas 24"x30"

Below the Lights Oil on Canvas 24"x30"

“(Our album, “Below the Lights” ) is more or less a tribute to the idea of these darker places – these sub-worlds – that come along with all existences, so to speak. Our consciousness being coupled with a sub-consciousness. In mythology, you have the gods and beneath the gods, you’ll have trolls or dark creatures that lurk. It’s kind of an acknowledgement that in a lot of cases these dark places are where life or ideas spring from. To make it the most basic metaphor: where human life comes from – the womb – is not a light or nice place. It’s pretty grotesque and dark. It’s the same with the soil. Stuff dies and decomposes, and up comes something nice. It’s not a negative and positive in the tradition of light/dark. It’s more some thoughts on seeing that they’re both there.”

–Ivar Bjornson of Enslaved

Nymph 24x30 Oil on Canvas

Nymph 24x30 Oil on Canvas


Figure-drawing is very enjoyable. It’s a boiled down art form. I don’t have to worry about colors/concepts/creative imagery. It’s so simple and hard at the same time.

Morning study 12x16 Charcoal, pencil, crayon on paper

Morning study 12x16 Charcoal, pencil, crayon on paper

News: I’m doing Eastbay Open Studios! Look for me in June. More to come on that…

Also, I’ve updated my Paintings page! Here’s one that I actually like:

12x16 Oil on Canvas

12x16 Oil on Canvas

Tidbits: Even though this blog-thing is easier to update than a website, I’m still retarded. My computer is almost as slow as my ability to use it. I’VE UPDATED MY PAINTINGS.

2/12/2010: Update

10/18/09: Some new stuff…

New Paintings

10/18/09: Yesterday I went to the Alternative Press Expo in S.F. It was a total visual overload. There is such a huge underground comic culture! For better or for worse, it was all there.

My cousin, Colin, has a comic book called “Afterlife” which he exhibited at the CCA table. It’s still in-progress, but it really came nice. I did the cover illustration.



After browsing the tables I stumbled across a table manned by fellow artists, Grim Wilkins and Micheal M. These guys are awesome, and had some of the best art in the building. I have a link at the bottom of the page to Grim’s blog. Check it out.
Grim and Mike


10/16/09: Snowy Egret. Tasteful. Put it above the toilet at grandmas’s house.

Snowy Egret 9"x12" Oil on panel

Snowy Egret 9"x12" Oil on panel

‘Nother bird