10-11-09: I’m fascinated by the wordless books of the 20’s through the 40’s. I like the artists Lynd Ward, Frans Masereel, and Otto Nuckel. My friend Rae introduced me to their stuff. He gave me a book that compiled some of the work of these artists and others. Their work is dark, sparse, and beautifully horrifying. I ‘m playing with the idea of making a short wordless graphic novel.

I hate to say “graphic novel” because I’m not talking about a superhero-nerd-comic-book.

Graphic Novel Idea: I’ve been thinking about the theme of “routine.” “Routine” is something that is both nessisary and terrible. I have a routine in my day-to-day life, so I don’t have to think about every little detail. I just follow the the developed pattern and the day goes by smoothly.Wake up, make coffee, shower, eat, organize, do activities/work or whatever, eat, set alarm clock, sleep…. It can be frightening how unexceptional life can be. Grotesque, really.

I did some practice and playing with charcoal. I’m not sure about these results, hmmm…

Breakfast Over Bills 11"x14" Charcoal, colored pencil

Breakfast Over Bills 11"x14" Charcoal, colored pencil

“Routine” can seem inhuman or robotic, and totally depressing.

Another Day 11"x14" Charcoal, colored pencil

Another Day 11"x14" Charcoal, colored pencil

Sometimes, it would be nice to break up the routine by taking a few days off, and hunting dragons for sport in some awesome land.

Landscape  14"x14" Charcoal, colored pencil

Landscape 11"x14" Charcoal, colored pencil

10-11-09: Drawing

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